What are examples of clear liquids that I can take the day before my colonoscopy?

Examples of clear liquids include water, apple juice, tea, soda, and coffee without creamer. You may also have Jell-O (not red), soup broth (no noodles or veggies), and popsicles (not red).

Is the procedure painful?  

Due to the sedation given for the colonoscopy, most patients don’t feel anything during the procedure and have no recollection of it afterward.  You will be given an IV sedation by a certified registered anesthetist (CRNA).  The medication works quickly to promote relaxation, drowsiness, and forgetfulness.

Do I need a driver for this procedure?

You will need a driver because you are receiving sedation during the procedure and you will need someone to drive you home.  The driver needs to remain at our facility throughout the appointment.  On average, plan to be at our facility for two to three hours of total time.

When can I drive and go to work?

You can drive and resume normal activities (including working) the day after your procedure.  

The prep solution is making me feel nauseated. What should I do?  

It is important that you finish drinking all the solution because your colon must be clean for your doctor to complete a thorough exam.  Try drinking the prep more slowly.  If desired, the prep solution may be chilled.  Walking and other physical activities can reduce nausea.  If you vomit, wait 30 minutes and begin drinking the solution again.  If you continue to have problems, contact our office.

I am drinking the prep and have loose, watery stools.  Do I have to finish the prep? 

Yes, as you may have stool higher in the colon that needs to be eliminated

Can I take my regular medications on the day of the procedure?

Most medications can be continued, but a few medications may need to be stopped prior to the procedure.  Tell your doctor what medications you take, especially anticoagulants.  Examples of these medications include Plavix, Coumadin, Pradaxa, Xarelto, Eliquis, Effient, Jantoven, Aggrenox, or Persantine.  These medications will need to be stopped several days before your colonoscopy.  Blood pressure, heart, and seizure medication can be taken at the time you normally take your medication with a small sip of water.

Can I take my diabetic medication before my procedure?

Oral diabetic medications should be stopped the day before your procedure.  You will be on clear liquids the day before.  Restart these medications after your procedure when you resume eating.  Refer to specific prep instructions for a detailed explanation of insulin intake prior to the procedure.

Can I have my procedure if I have my menstrual period?

Yes, the procedure can still be performed.   If possible please use a tampon.